Make a diary of your holiday.
Use the discussion page behind to make an entry about what you have been doing and what you have seen. Make sure you add detail
and use descriptive language. You might tell us about the flight, places you visit and people you meet.

Oral Language - Spot the Difference

Click here to go to a page with a couple of spot the differences. Discuss them together and take turns to say what the differences are.
Remember you must be specific and not point to anything.​

Click here to go to the Bright Sparks website. Try out some of the numeracy games on there.

Camp Pretest
Click here to go to a new page where there are some questions to discuss about the Year 3 and Year 4 camps. You can either edit the page and type your answers underneath or go to the discussion page to put your answers.

**Picture Page**
Click on the Picture page to go to a new page to upload any photos you might like to share with us. Click on the edit this page button to
upload. You might like to put captions with them.