This is a link to Janeen Brian's website. She has written so many great books and has teaching notes included. Great to check out.

How great is this!!!!! We signed in and posted a couple of comments to Janeen on her guest book and she replied!!!!! This is fantastic making connections with a real author. This will definitely encourage us to contact more authors.
Janeen's guest book

As this story deals with the effects of an earthquake it is quite useful for the children to have some understanding about the magnitude and effects of the type of earthquake that caused the problems in this story. We looked at youtube video of some earthquakes. Below are some other useful sites. Civil Defence site that deals with all kinds of natural and non natural disasters. How quake safe is your house? A simulator that shows what happens with a quakesafe and unsecured house during an earthquake. You are able to determine the magnitude of the earthquake. What to do before, during and after an earthquake.