I was accepted for an e-fellowship for 2009. In my project I want to know if Literacy Circles and Blogging can create deeper understanding with what children are reading in response to what others say. My children will share and discuss their ideas and opinions about book themes, characters and connections to their world. They will share their findings in their blogs/discussions on this wiki and by being challenged by what others share I hope to see that their thinking will keep evolving and they will engage in discussions which while perhaps changing their thinking, will also challenge others to reflect on their thinking as well. We will be using Literacy Circles to help us probe deeper into books. I hope to see that with a real audience responding to what they are saying, the children will think more deeply about what they are writing in response to their reading. With Literacy Circles the children will direct discussions more and make real connections to their own world.

Below is a link to my action plan of how I intend to introduce the Literacy Circles and Blogging. The children will also be getting to grips with technology - recording their discussions in both audio and digital formats.

Robyn's e-learning blog
Action Plan.doc